Synchronicity and the Creative Process

It keeps happening these days.  I find that the more I lose myself in the process of creating something – a handbag, a watercolor, an apron – life starts to emerge as a series of sweet coincidences.  Perhaps you’ve experienced the strange slow-down of time as you lose yourself in a hands-on project, as you get more specific and detailed and the flow just is happening in the process of the activity itself.  When you emerge it is often a surprise to see how much time has passed.  This occurs more and more lately as I go deeper into the act of making something.    Then, while surfing the ordinary world out here, I notice graceful parallels that seem to carry affirmations regarding life’s underlying harmonies.  Let me describe a few as best I can….

The burial place of Catherine of Siena Photo by R. Nino Carrillo

I fell in love with images of Italy my son photographed on a vacation with his wife last summer.  This was a very special trip as he had safely returned from military service in Afghanistan the month before.  I selected a cityscape with medieval church scene to watercolor as a gift to them as a remembrance of their special time together.  After the painting was complete I found that it was the Church of Siena where Catherine of Siena, the famous 14th Century mystic, was buried.  I was fascinated to hear from my daughter in law that they had actually seen a holy relic of Catherine’s, her finger, which is preserved for all to see!  How this is strangely synchronistic, is that today as I was speaking with my daughter in law, Susie,  she mentioned that during the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine just days ago, the opening reading was a quote from Catherine of Siena….”Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”  Then she mentioned how my granddaughter, 4 year old Avery, while watching the Royal Wedding event on TV thought the couple was my daughter Pilar and her fiancée Peter.  This would seem very normal for a little girl whose Aunt Pilar has long dark hair and whose fiancée is tall and blonde.  But, the very strangest part, is that my daughter and her fiancé, who will be married in September of this year, live in Cambridge, England and that is the very Dukedom of the newly married Royals!  If you have followed the thread of this story you may make up your own mind regarding whether or not this is an example of synchronicity linked to the creative process.  I am just enchanted by it all!

Tiepolo's St. Catherine of Siena circa 1746

In simpler ways, coincidences emerge around me as I keep creating.  Birds fly all around our front porch every morning as my husband feeds and watches them at daybreak.   I’ve created photopaintings with my husband of a bluejay and a chickadee.  Lately I’ve wondered how I can incorporate birds into my sewing.  Then, on a recent trip to the mall in search of fabric ideas I saw nothing but birds on handbags and jewelry and cards.  It is as though my ideas begin to formulate reality around them.  Not always, some of the time, and sweetly, just to remind me to keep imagining and seeing with my heart and mind.

Know that the love you put into what you do will emerge in the world around you.   A coincidence is a gracious and friendly tap from the Divine to you.

Blue Jay in winter Photo by Rene Carrillo

About kcthreads

Two years ago I left an administrative government job to live near my relatives in America's "heartland," and to be free to pursue my own and my family's interests and needs! This transition exceeds my dreams of a life near loved ones with time to be creative. My husband and I have found ourselves young at heart again as we explore gifts we had set aside to meet the needs of our workplaces and community. He photographs birds and wildlife daily, and exhibits in local galleries. I design and make handbags and aprons that I sell through my Etsy shop and by word of mouth. After 30 plus years, I am finally studying art again, taking classes in watercolor and pastels from a nationally acclaimed artist! During the years I promoted youth development and family programming in my community and state, I have been compelled to find ways to support American made crafts and products. This recession has encouraged me to promote and support the efforts of local artisans and craftspeople, in the belief that a renewal of hands-on entrepreneurial-ism can make our community and our nation stronger. When we purchased this '30's bungalow three years ago, we didn't realize there was a farmers market within walking distance and an artists cooperative gallery even closer! I am an advocate of using and re-using products that have been designed and crafted with care, and strive to live responsibly and creatively. Another indulgent pursuit of mine is re-learning how to cook - after a lifetime of taking shortcuts due to long work hours and ease of take home food. My inspiration and tutorials are mostly from Jamie Oliver and Julia Child! After a year of experimentation and joyful homemade cuisine, I am inspired to share the crazy fun of cooking and dining with more than family and friends. As I cook, and watercolor and sew I find inspiration everywhere in the present...and the past. I was blessed with a Mom who was home with my brother and I, and who joyfully cooked and sewed and imagined the possibilities in life each day with us. My offerings in this blog will include some of her inspiration. Life is good!
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7 Responses to Synchronicity and the Creative Process

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    “Know that the love you put into what you do will emerge in the world around you. A coincidence is a gracious and friendly tap from the Divine to you.”

    Amen. Thank you for this post – there is such an awe-inspiring link between synchronicity and creativity and enjoyed reading about your thread of connections!

  2. kcthreads says:

    Thanks, Barbara. After I wrote this and posted it another one occurred and I just had to laugh as it seemed an affirmation of putting the idea out there.

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    • kcthreads says:

      Thank you! Nicely put – “joint project between you and universal energy” – that says it! Some days the light is on and I just notice all the connections and let it happen – other days I think too hard! Ha!

  4. Jo Seese says:

    I often contemplate synchronicity.My son and I were discussing it at dinner. I believe it is God’s (or the universe’s if you prefer) way of communicating with us and reminding us it isn’t all random. We are a part so it so it speaks to each of us in our way. I relate to music. I cannot tell you how many times I step into the car and the song which is on the radio answers the question I have been pondering. the trick is to be tuned in. so many people don’t notice the birds or hear the song. We get too wrapped up in the questions to see , or hear the answers. I have experimented with it just to see. Thank you for the reminder and remember to Carpe Diem.

    • kcthreads says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, so often we notice these synchro moments tied to the areas of life we are drawn to. I am deeply moved by these grace-filled experiences and I do think that they give a boost to live in the moment and as you say, “carpe diem”!!

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