I “Got It”

I’ve continued with a multi media art class weekly for over a year, and just about a month ago had a breakthrough where I suddenly felt that I “got it.”  That did not mean anything rare but something in me suddenly blended with the medium of pastel.  It began to work.  I no longer struggled with the dust, with the making of marks, with my response to what I was looking at as reference.  I was thrilled to get to class and every day wanted to do nothing but paint.  Of course, I had to do other things, but the shift inside me was radical.  I no longer think of myself as a hobbyist…because, I really don’t believe I could live without putting my heart and mind’s inspiration to paper ever again.

By the way, I have a wonderful teacher….and my fellow students are inspiring.  Returning to art after 25 plus years of focusing mostly on job, raising family, and surviving the pace of life…is a gift.

Spring is such a time of discovery.  Whatever season, my life is  like Spring because of the room I now have to till and plant this fertile creative ground.

I did this pastel painting  a few months ago – titled Think About It – a charming duo one sees when walking up to the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City.

At the Nelson Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City

About kcthreads

Two years ago I left an administrative government job to live near my relatives in America's "heartland," and to be free to pursue my own and my family's interests and needs! This transition exceeds my dreams of a life near loved ones with time to be creative. My husband and I have found ourselves young at heart again as we explore gifts we had set aside to meet the needs of our workplaces and community. He photographs birds and wildlife daily, and exhibits in local galleries. I design and make handbags and aprons that I sell through my Etsy shop and by word of mouth. After 30 plus years, I am finally studying art again, taking classes in watercolor and pastels from a nationally acclaimed artist! During the years I promoted youth development and family programming in my community and state, I have been compelled to find ways to support American made crafts and products. This recession has encouraged me to promote and support the efforts of local artisans and craftspeople, in the belief that a renewal of hands-on entrepreneurial-ism can make our community and our nation stronger. When we purchased this '30's bungalow three years ago, we didn't realize there was a farmers market within walking distance and an artists cooperative gallery even closer! I am an advocate of using and re-using products that have been designed and crafted with care, and strive to live responsibly and creatively. Another indulgent pursuit of mine is re-learning how to cook - after a lifetime of taking shortcuts due to long work hours and ease of take home food. My inspiration and tutorials are mostly from Jamie Oliver and Julia Child! After a year of experimentation and joyful homemade cuisine, I am inspired to share the crazy fun of cooking and dining with more than family and friends. As I cook, and watercolor and sew I find inspiration everywhere in the present...and the past. I was blessed with a Mom who was home with my brother and I, and who joyfully cooked and sewed and imagined the possibilities in life each day with us. My offerings in this blog will include some of her inspiration. Life is good!
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4 Responses to I “Got It”

  1. Beautiful work! (Also checked out your etsy site – love the aprons!)

    • kcthreads says:

      Thank you so much! Glad you like the painting…and my etsy shop. It is really a blessings to be able to have time in my life to focus on creating again! I enjoy your site and spirit!

      • I adore a good painting…are you an artist by trade? (I’ll check out some of your other posts with an “art” tag in a second) Thanks for popping into my site as well! I love seeing familiar faces coming back- like good neighbours 🙂

  2. kcthreads says:

    I am not an artist by trade….but I do design handbags and other sewn items for my Etsy shop and custom work. My pastel and watercolor art is a return to a lifelong love of art that only recently have I had time to indulge in. I have recently been juried in to a gallery art exhibit and am quite excited! Who knows maybe someday in the future I’ll call myself an artist by trade!

    I really enjoy your upbeat and diverse blog – looking forward to keeping up with your musings too!

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