I live in America’s “heartland.”  I love that word, as creativity does seem to emerge from the land of the heart where passion and inspiration bloom.  My husband and I moved here only a year ago so that we could make new lives, grow new gardens, experience more sunshine, and live near family.  This transition has exceeded my dreams, inspiring latent creativity that brings me joy.

Designing aprons and marketing them on Etsy came from my exploration of cooking and interior design.  Every day I was strapping on an apron, excitedly, as I decided what to create in the kitchen, which room to redesign, what watercolor painting to begin.   Choosing foods, colors, patterns and paints has all been a brain-blooming practice that motivated me to market what I love to do and to write about my experience and inspirations.

Ultimately, it is the challenge and joy in creating something from nothing that moves me.  As I do so, past, present and future merge.   I was blessed with wonderful parents who taught me many things both practical and wise.  Their lives began in Missouri and took them to Montana, the Philippine Islands, and the California (for my Dad, four years in Europe during WWII, as well).  As I create, they seem to be sitting beside me, guiding, inspiring and nodding me on.  They were not afraid of adventure, nor were they reticent to try new tasks or contemplate fresh ideas.  I am pleased that my children have inherited this trait as they accept the opportunities around the globe that life is offering them.  This adventuresome spirit is what I hope to bring to my creations and to the thoughts I send into the world.

Be inspired by what is in your life now.  Really see it, feel it, and let your mind take the best from your past, present and future to inspire your actions today.  Eat your food with sensuous delight, love your family, wear your clothing with the flair that suits you, and go ahead and make something out of nothing, whatever that may be!  


2 Responses to About

  1. AProns! The first object I ever created in sewing class was an apron! half apron, yellow and green flowered little gathered number! I don’t sew any longer..I moved aside for my Mother and Sister, both great with a needle – sewing and quilting. I couldnt keep up, but I do so appreciate the artists with needles,…

    • kcthreads says:

      Thanks for your comment! Although I never wore aprons while raising my own children, and my sewing was intermittent at best, I now, by some mysterious impulse, am fascinated by the power of an apron and the magic of my sewing machine!

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