The Ocean


Although I live in and love the Midwest where big skies, wind and sun are abundant, a part of me seeks the salt spray and reflective beauty of being by the sea.  This pastel painting I recently completed is of a moment watching the waves come in at Leo Carrillo State Beach in California just north of Malibu.

Since we are in a deep freeze in most of the country now, thought this image might bring warmth and a bit of “escape”…..spring is always on its way!

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Sedona Morning

Sedona Morning

This pastel painting came from memory and a photo I took last Spring when visiting the Sedona area for the first time. What a landscape. This particular view was early morning when the light is soft but brilliant with lots of shadows. I like to start with an underpainting that focuses on the overall values and local color. Then playing all around the painting with selected colors to bring out light and shadow. I’m never sure how the painting will emerge as I do not want it to be a copy of the photo but to allow feeling and wonder to come about. Loved the cast shadows and pinky peach rocks in this scene.

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Pacific Coast Morning

Pacific Coast Morning

Pacific Coast Morning – pastel painting

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Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass or Jazz Oceans and Pegged Pants are Forever

I just found this video of hot ’60’s jazz artist Herb Alpert and couldn’t stop smiling.  Wanted to share regardless whether the viewer/listener was around at that time, but just for the coolness, the pleasure, the feeling of the 50+ year old music video (film, I’m sure)!!

Simply enjoy ….and reminisce if it takes you into moments gone by….

I was a child then, but when this music came on the radio it always made me feel like dancing.  I didn’t know how charming the musician was back then!

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